Embark is a reverse mentoring service connecting young, talented Syrians with established business leaders to exchange ideas, develop understanding, and build meaningful connections. Embark has launched its pilot in Istanbul this spring, pairing senior leadership at Unilever Turkey with young Syrian professionals at the start of their careers in marketing, finance, media and more.


Reverse mentoring subverts the traditional way we think about mentorship. The practice was championed by former General Electrics CEO Jack Welch, and has recently been adopted by companies such as Unilever, Microsoft, Mastercard and Cisco Systems to give senior leaders a better understanding of generational or gender-based differences in technology, culture, values, motivation and skills. We believe that there is incredible value in pairing people with different cultural backgrounds or life experiences to challenge assumptions and build bridges.

exchange ideas

develop understanding

build meaningful connections

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EMBARK was showcased at 1st Paris Peace Forum


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